K2 Design Studio :: Company Service Provision Break-Up


Provision 1: Design + Development Application

Under this package, we provide innovative design solutions to suite you requirements and prepare a DA package and coordinate all the documentation required for a development approval. Our assistance and coordination will be provided until the DA for a proposal has been approved.




Provision 2: Design + DA + Construction Certificate

This package provides you with design and DA process including the preparation of Construction Certificate documentation. At this stage the co-ordination with a Private Certifying Authority is required to achieve a CC certificate that enables one to start construction.



Provision 3: Design + DA + CC + Construction Coordination + Occupation Certificate

This is a complete package for those who require our assistance all through the execution, completion and occupation of the project. We provide a complete assistance in co-ordinating with the builder and provide all the information required through the construction process and assist in achieving occupation certificate, which is the final step for any type of a project.